Reviving Worship Retreat

Reviving Worship Retreat

Reviving Worship Retreat

You are invited to the Reviving Worship Retreat!

We all wrestle with the burden of world-imposed “shoulds” – especially around the season of Advent. We were made for wonder, awe, gratitude: worship.  And yet pieces of that unique reflection of the Ineffable – of God – have been chipped away and relegated to world-reflection instead.  We find ourselves in a foreign land, indeed.  How do we return? Like a musical instrument gone sour, how do we revive our resonance, our attunement, so that we might truly worship the Christ child? This short retreat offers tools for recognizing and buffing away the tarnish that dulls and interferes with our ability to exercise our greatest gift: to see and experience glory – in God, in self, in each other, in our world.

Please join with members of Fall City United Methodist Church on Saturday, November 23rd for the Reviving Worship Retreat, to be held at WTCC from 9AM to 3:30PM. Rev. Carol Macaulay and her singer-daughter, Daniela Landolfi, will lead the event. FCUMC, an open and affirming expression of Micah 6:8 at the foot of the Cascade Mountains, will provide lunch. Please RSVP to Carol directly at or 423.767.0854.


Nov 23 2019


9:00 AM - 3:30 PM
Welcome Table Christian Church


Welcome Table Christian Church


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