Welcome Table Christian Church

Welcome Table Christian Church

You Are Welcome Here!
You Are Welcome Here!

Whoever You Are, Whatever You Believe,
However Much You Question…
You Are Welcome Here!

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This Week

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Justice is a big deal for us
Justice is a big deal for us

Along with being a miracle-performing
Divine being, Jesus was a long-haired,
brown-skinned, homeless, Jewish organizer

who shared his life and love with the folks
of his day who were most marginalized.
We say “we are learning to be Christian”
by which we mean we are trying
to follow Jesus’ way.

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Rebecca’s Blog

What To Expect

Photo of Pastor Rebecca Sumner and family

So What About Easter?

Some of us believe the Easter story happened as it’s told in the Bible: Jesus died and physically rose from the dead and so will all of us.

Some of us believe the story in the sense that it resonates with souls: Jesus died, but something about him and his work in the world could not be contained by death. His essence rose from the dead, and so it does again in all of us.

Some of us believe this story had monumental historical impact, and it is the faith tradition we inherited. Or maybe just this particular church, this community of faith, has become home, so we live with this story even though we’re highly cynical about its veracity. Maybe even lately some of us are embarrassed by this story. And some of us came today for a host of other reasons and we’re just putting up with the story.

Maybe we used to believe it and are searching for a new way of believing it. Maybe its rhythms are soothing, like a song your grandma used to sing to you when days were simpler. Maybe you’re here searching.

I’ve personally danced among all of these at some point in my life.

Whoever you are, wherever you are at with the story, I want to invite you to rest. You are wholly welcomed here. You are safe here even if you are not always comfortable here. Every literal belief you have is celebrated here. Every doubt and every fervent disbelief is welcome here. The table here belongs to the mysterious and loving Divine One in whom is all love and light and welcome and hope.

—Excerpt from Pastor Rebecca’s Easter message, 2018.