Welcome Table Christian Church


What Are We Passionate About?

Beyond Belief

The word “belief” originally meant “belove,” as in beloved. Only relatively recently has it come to signify adherence to some kind of rigid, intellectual or, dare we say, irrational assertion. We practice the earlier meaning of belief—to give our hearts to. If some of us say “we believe in Jesus,” we mean, “We give our hearts to the Jesus way. And the Jesus way is Love.” We all have different perspectives that we share with one another, mutually deepening our love and understanding. There is a place for you here.

Our Vision:

The way we see it, in the Jesus way our assignment from the Divine is to be peace­makers in a world that deeply yearns for peace.
So we dedicate ourselves to practices of kindness and of reconciliation, to remove the walls that divide us. In the beautiful words of our denomination, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), “We are a movement for wholeness in a fragmented world.” There is a place for you here.

Our Mission:

We are a sanctuary for all voices, all colors, all orientations, all abilities, and all families—a gathering place for everyone, no matter the path of their faith journey. We are passionate about prayer and following the ways of Jesus; about the power of music and the wisdom of children; and about living in harmony with ourselves, our neighbors, nature, and God.

We are an authentic community proclaiming the stories of how the Divine One works in our lives. We are mentors, working to nurture each others’ spiritual gifts for practice in our daily lives—in social service agencies, in corporations, on the playground, in the church, in our neighborhoods, and in our homes. And we are followers, always listening for the “still small voice” as to where to use our gifts.

We are Jesus’ followers-in-training, living happily in a multi-faith world and working to heal suffering as best we know how. We speak the truth we know without pretending to know all the truth there is. And we are intentionally growing a community whose members seek the courage to live as light of the world—as people of hope whose vow is to tell everyone how precious they are.

We are Disciples of Christ, a movement for wholeness in a fragmented world.

There is a place for you here.